Reservations: We accept bookings anytime during the present or following calendar year with payment of your Rental Deposit and a signed Rental Agreement. The Rental Deposit is 50% of the Venue Rental Fee and is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

The remaining balance of your Venue Rental Fee and a $600 Damage Deposit is due 90 calendar days before your event date.

The Damage Deposit is refundable by check to the Renter, within 30 days of your event, provided there are no damages, extra time beyond the agreed end-time, extraordinary clean-up required, or other charges incurred.


Alcohol Policy: If you wish to serve alcohol you must get a Washington State Banquet Permit. The Permit must be posted at the venue during your event.

Winsome Grace requires a Washington State licensed bartender to serve alcohol at all events. Most caterers have licensed bartenders available. Legal responsibility for any guest consumption of alcohol rests with the person purchasing the banquet permit and the client signing the rental agreement.


Insurance Policy: Winsome Grace requires that all renters get One-Day Event Insurance coverage. This coverage is available online with many providers to choose from. Event Insurance will protect you, your guests and Winsome Grace in the event of injury, damage to property and/or host liquor liability.


Day of Event Plans: 30 days before your wedding day you will need to confirm your Day-of plans with us. Our Venue Facilitator will be on-site during your event. He/she does not assume the role of wedding coordinator, but is on site to handle building/grounds emergencies, assure that guests follow the rules and regulations, and can coordinate deliveries for your event. 

In the months leading up to your event our Facilitator will be available to you for a 1-hour scheduled site visit to confirm your wedding and/or reception configuration and any other Day-of plans or preparations.


Children Policy: We welcome children accompanied by an adult during the event. Please ask for a copy of our Child Policy. Pets are not allowed.


Cancellation & Refund Policy: In the unfortunate situation that the Renter cancels a scheduled event, the following shall apply:


  1. Upon booking Winsome Grace, the Renter acknowledged that the Rental Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable
  2. Upon payment of the remaining Venue Rental Fee 90 calendar days before the scheduled event, the Renter acknowledged that the remaining Venue Rental Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. If the Renter paid the entire Rental Fee more than 90 calendar days before the scheduled event, the Renter may receive a refund in the amount paid, less the non-refundable rental deposit. 
  4. If the Renter paid a part of the remaining balance more than 90 calendar days before the scheduled event, the Renter may receive a refund in the amount paid, less the non-refundable rental deposit.
  5. Only after Winsome Grace Manor, LLC has received written notice of cancellation of a scheduled event shall refunds be processed and refunded to the Renter. Refunds shall be made by check and mailed within 30 days of written cancellation.


We are a non-smoking facility. Smoking is allowed outside on the sidewalk only. Drug use is prohibited.


These Policies are Subject To Change